ArtCafeLondon.Art is a creative project focusing on exhibiting and promoting artists around London, but also to feed the imagination of clients by using popular cafe spaces to create discussion around the coffee table.

We aim to bring together book presentation alongside wine appreciation, Artist aperitifs and Cultural events in the cosy environment right in the heart of London’s Leicester Square, directly underneath the restaurant L’Ulivo 

ArtCafeLondon.Art works as first point of contact for artists who want make a serious career choice and need professional, artistic and technical advice and support.

Why Introduce Art spaces in Restaurants?
Historically many talented artists were poor and this made restaurant owners some of the first art collectors because artworks were the payment from many Artists so that they could eat.

Artists like Modigliani painted in exchange their supper in the restaurant, and for ages  the particular restaurant was showing the best art available in town. Original art works hang on the walls and bear testimony to the unique deal the artists struck with the restaurateur.

Today Art is still an excellent attraction to help bring patrons into the extremely competitive market of restaurants and the enriches the connection between art and food with flourishes of events.


To request information on availability and services we can offer you, send us an email with your details and questions to